Holden Skinning Knife


Holden Skinning Knife

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Our skinning knife has full bellied, sweeping, taper ground blade which is designed to easily separate an animal's skin from the meat and reduce the likelihood of damaging the underlying muscle. Although extremely tough, the blade is flexible enough to allow it to bend whilst removing the hide.

The 3” (7.6cm) 420 stainless steel blade is about the same length as an index finger, so you know intuitively where the blade tip is at all times when working inside an animal. The edge can be easily sharpened in the field for many years of reliable service.

The full tang construction with a razor sharp cutting edge is sandwiched between 1911 style scales made famous by probably the most popular hand gun in the world - the 1911 Browning pistol.

The skinning knife can be ordered with a a beautiful polished rosewood handle or polished Linen Micarta handle. Each knife comes with a high quality leather sheath and lanyard