BESH® Wedge Dagger


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The Scorpion Knives BESH® Wedge Dagger is a modern interpretation of the classic Fairbairn-Sykes dagger with a revolutionary new blade design. Brent Beshara created the innovative new grind now known as the BESH® Wedge that we have incorporated on this dagger.

Grind symmetry is very important to the proper look of a dagger and it is not unusual for knife makers to grind the opposing (diagonally opposite) bevels to establish the initial look of the knife and then grind the two opposing bevels to define the centerline and the final lines of the blade.

Creating the BESH® Wedge takes a highly trained craftsman. After grinding the first two bevels of the blade, the bevels are ground deeper until the blade has two diagonally opposite chisel-edged bevels. The two sharpened edges of these bevels meet at the tip of the blade in a third edge that has substantially more strength and structure than a traditional dagger point.

The BESH® Wedge Dagger is a full tang design with beautiful riveted and polished Linen Micarta handle scales. Brent himself was extremely enthusiastic when he reviewed the final design of the Scorpion Knives BESH® Wedge Dagger: “During WWII, Scorpion Knives were one of the original companies forging high quality Fairbairn-Sykes knives for use by the allied forces. Applying the BESH®Wedge geometry to such a legendary knife and being able to work with this company is a great honour.”